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Analysis of car deformation effect on AIS3+ head injury in frontal crash using logistic regression modeling

In: Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 543-547 (Mar. 2014), pages 354-357

Authors: Shucai Xu, Xinghua Lai, Chunsheng Ma, Jinhuan Zhang, Jingwen Hu

The influence of vehicle deformation on the risks of head injury for the drivers involved in frontal crashes is studied using real world crash data. There are three types of vehicle damage distribution considered in this paper, namely, wide distribution, moderate offset, and small offset. The adjusted odds ratios (OR) along with 95% confidence intervals (CI) for the head injuries are estimated by logistic regression, controlling for a wide variety of confounders. Results show that occupants' head injuries are highly related to damage distribution. Small offset crash has greatest threat to head injury. Seat belt is effective in all the crash types of concern. This study provides evidences to upgrade existing frontal crash test program and clue to countermeasure development for occupant protection in different crash modes. 

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