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1974 AMA-SAE-AAAM revision of the Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS)

In: American Association for Automotive Medicine. 18th Conference. Proceedings. AAAM, 1974, p. 479-505

Authors: John D. States, Lee N. Hames, F. Huelke

Usage of the AIS since 1969 revealed a need to refine the overall AIS rating, to examine mathematical methods for determining the overall injury rating, to eliminate AIS codes based on death, to develop a body-region listing and a comprehensive alphabetized listing, and to revise and reclassify a few codings. An ad hoc committee was appointed to perform these tasks. One significant change in the AIS, dropping of the "fatal" codes, is discussed, along with several minor changes. A definition and discussion of the overall AIS is presented. The Injury Severity Score (ISS) is proposed as a possible means of computing the overall rating, but continued use of the AIS is recommended for the immediate future. A listing of the AIS by body regions is included, as well as a comprehensive alphabetized listing, developed by the American Medical Association, of injury diagnoses.