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Young Drivers

UMTRI researchers investigate factors related to high-risk driving among novice teen drivers as well as among young adults. They test theories of risky driving, develop programs to reduce risky driving, and evaluate young driver policies and programs. Specific topics that have been investigated among young drivers are high-risk driving behavior, the effectiveness of the Michigan Graduated Driver Licensing program, the effectiveness of zero tolerance laws, and laws regarding the possession of alcohol by minors.

Recent Publications

Buffering social influence
Christopher N. Cascio, Joshua Carp, Matthew Brook O'Donnell, Francis J. Tinney, Jr., C. Raymond Bingham, Jean T. Shope, Marie Claude Ouimet, Anuj K. Pradhan, Bruce G. Simons-Morton, Emily B. Falk

journal article IN: Journal of cognitive neuroscience. Vol. 27, No. 1 (January 2015), pages 83-95.

Adolescence is a period characterized by increased sensitivity to social cues, as well as increased risk-taking in the presence of...

Quantifying the influence of safe road systems and legal licensing age on road mortality among young adolescents :  steps towards system thinking
Divera Twisk, Jacques J.F. Commandeur, Niels Bos, Jean T. Shopeb, Gerjo Kok

journal article IN: Accident analysis & prevention. Volume 74, (January 2015), pages 306–313

Based on existing literature, a system thinking approach was used to set up a conceptual model on the interrelationships among the...

Best practice in peer-led curriculum content :  informing an interactive program to improve passenger safety among high school seniors
Lisa Buckley, Barry Watson

conference paper IN: Proc. of the 2014 Australasian Road Safety Research, Policing & Education Conference 12 – 14 Nov., Melbourne, VIC Australia

 Despite ongoing improvements in behaviour change strategies, licensing models and road law enforcement measures young drivers remain...

Current knowledge on adolescent driver distraction
C. Raymond Bingham

journal article IN: Journal of adolescent health. Vol. 5, issue 5, suppl. (May 2014), p. S1-S2.

Motor vehicle collisions (crashes) are the leading cause of death to adolescents and are a major contributor to nonfatal injuries....

Driver distraction: A perennial but preventable public health threat to adolescents
C. Raymond Bingham

journal article IN: Journal of adolescent health. Vol. 54, issue 5, suppl. (May 2014), p. S3-S5.

Although public health efforts have made some progress in reducing risk of adolescent motor vehicle crashes over the last three decades...