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State Driver History Databases

Driving records from state driver history databases are regularly used by UMTRI researchers to answer a variety of research questions. State driving records contain information on licensure status and history, arrests and convictions for driving offenses, court and administrative actions, and crash history including fault, vehicle type, persons injured and killed, and whether alcohol was involved. UMTRI researchers have used this data to evaluate the impact and enforcement of new motor vehicle legislation and to conduct cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses of driver behavior and driving outcomes for a wide range of driving populations. Driving records are created by the states for administrative purposes and UMTRI researchers are experienced at formatting and maintaining these records in databases for statistical analysis.

Recent Publications

Supplemental analysis for strategies to reduce CMV-involved crashes, fatalities and injuries in Michigan Driver records and crash involvement.
Lidia P. Kostyniuk, Daniel F. Blower.

report UMTRI-2008-57

This research sought to identify differences in safety records of drivers who had undergone the training required to hold commercial...