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Medical Conditions/Medications

UMTRI researchers are interested in understanding the psychological effects of various medications on driving ability. While legally-prescribed medications have a therapeutic effect on the medical condition for which they are prescribed, they can also have side effects that impact traffic safety. In addition, the complex interactions of multiple medications can lead to impairments that reduce driving safety.

Recent Publications

Increasing self-awareness among older drivers the role of self-screening.
Lisa J. Molnar, David W. Eby, Paula S. Kartje, Renee M. St. Louis.

journal article IN: Journal of Safety Research. Vol. 41, issue 4 (2010), p. 367-373.

M-CASTL 2010 synthesis report
David W. Eby, Lisa J. Molnar.

report M-CASTL-2010-02

The purpose of the annual M-CASTL synthesis report is to identify short and long-term research needs that support M-CASTL-s theme and...