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UMTRI is heavily working in the area of cybersecurity and privacy with a focus on commercially feasible cybersecurity. As an institute UMTRI combines the flexibility and ability to keep proprietary information confidential with the creativity of a university environment by being able to deploy experienced full-time engineers and/or engineering students as it fits best in terms of project sensitivity and objective. On one hand we can provide professional services, on the other hand we can provide access to young talent. The UMTRI cybersecurity team is interested in all areas around cybersecurity and privacy and has worked in the following areas:

Risk and vulnerability assessment • In-vehicle platform security design • Security strategies • Transportation cybersecurity test lab • Connected vehicle / V2X cybersecurity and privacy • Intrusion detection and prevention systems (IPS) • Secure controller area network (CAN) • Protection of component integrity • Transportation privacy  • Secure software updates  •Resiliancy and recovery  • Insider threat modeling  • Sensor spoofing/manipulation