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Cross-Cultural Differences

<p>UMTRI studies the differences in driver behavior in different cultural settings. The primary focus is on differences in driver risk taking, an area of human behavior most susceptible to cultural influences.</p>

Recent Publications

Mortality from road crashes in 193 countries: a comparison with other leading causes of death
Michael Sivak, Brandon Schoettle

report UMTRI-2014-6

This study compared, for each country of the world, the fatalities per population from road crashes with fatalities per population from...

Road safety in China Analysis of current challenges.
Wei Zhang, Omer Tsimhoni, Michael Sivak, Michael J. Flannagan.

journal article IN: Journal of Safety Research. Vol. 41, issue 1 (Feb. 2010), p. 25-30.

China has the world's largest population, and is the second largest automobile market. China's economy is booming, resulting...

The future of personal transportation in megacities of the world
Juha Luoma, Michael Sivak, Susan Zielinski.

report UMTRI-2010-2

This study examined the future of personal transportation in megacities of the world. Of particular interest was the future role of...