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Fuel and Energy

Our nation’s current transportation system contributes nearly one-third of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions1. Carbon dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas contributing to global climate change. UMTRI is committed to minimizing energy use and carbon emissions from fossil fuel
combustion used in the transportation sector. This objective requires systems-level research directed toward enabling alternative modes of transportation and alternative vehicle energy sources.

In addition to furthering multimodal transportation solutions, UMTRI conducts research on connected-vehicle technologies and driver-assistance systems that promote the efficient use of carbon-based fuels. UMTRI’s research is also aimed at enabling the mainstream use of electric vehicles by reducing uncertainties about range and refueling. Together, these activities will help transform our current transportation system into one that is efficient, multimodal, and environmentally sustainable.

1Includes highway vehicles, air travel, marine transportation, and rail.

UMTRI Fuel and Energy Resources

Eco-Driving Index

Monthly Monitoring of Vehicle Fuel Economy

Sustainable Worldwide Transportation