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Connected Technology

Connected-vehicle technology offers the opportunity to dramatically improve traffic safety and mobility on our nation’s roadways. Using wireless technology, specially-instrumented cars, trucks, and buses transmit and receive important safety and mobility information. In this way, connected vehicles communicate with each other and with nearby infrastructure, such as traffic signals, and alert drivers to potential roadway hazards and other dangerous conditions. UMTRI is conducting a real-world test of connected-vehicle technology, including vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I), through its Safety Pilot Model Deployment involving more than 3,000 connected vehicles in the Ann Arbor area.

UMTRI Connected Vehicle Resources

     UMTRI is looking for additional drivers and vehicles to participate in the next phase of our work with connected vehicle technology. 
     Click on the link above to find out how to get involved in this exciting research.