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The UMTRI-Automotive Futures (AF) Affiliate Program has long provided AF with key funding for its research and communication activities in support of the rapidly changing international automotive industry.  This funding is critical to our dedication and success in providing rigorous, unbiased intelligence to the industry as it goes forward.  Currently we have over thirty affiliate program members and research partners; some have been affiliate members since the beginning of the program in 1990.

Our affiliate program focuses the funding received from our Affiliates on 3 main annual research areas that look at the current and future direction of the global automotive industry:

1.    Automotive powertrains and emissions focused on technology and regulatory/policy forecasting through our Powertrain Strategies for the 21st Century study

2.    The role of information technology/Intelligent Transportation Systems in the automotive industry

3.    The globalization of the automotive industry based on a focused, country level analysis of a developing or developed market.

Affiliates will have access to all three types of reports and conference proceedings.  Supporting companies may form the advisory boards for research projects and meet with UMTRI researchers to determine topics to examine within each study.  Results will be presented at our annual conferences on powertrains, information technology, and globalization.  We are also open to focusing on other areas of research based on client requests.

Other benefits and advantages of membership can be tailored to support your company’s mission and include:


AF Research Reports

  • Pre-released copies of research publications from UMTRI-AF that provide insight into the constantly changing global automotive industry.  Some examples of our current research include reports on globalization, powertrain strategies, connected vehicles, and automotive marketing.


Networking with Industry Leaders

  • AF offers a continuing avenue throughout the year to interact with industry leaders, academia, other affiliate members on specific research conferences:
  • “Focus on the Future” Automotive Conference Series: Guest speakers from industry, government, and the UM offer their insights into the important current and future challenges and opportunities in the automotive industry during five annual one-day conferences.  These conferences are free to affiliate members and provide attendees with an opportunity to network and participate in discussions with presenters in the intimate setting of the UM’s Michigan League or North Campus Research Complex.


Access to AF Researchers

  • During our over 25 years of serving the global automotive industry, our affiliate members have found two major ways of leveraging UMTRI-AF researcher knowledge:
  • Direct contact:  Individual UMTRI-AF researchers are available to discuss current topics with affiliates, as well as provide assistance in industry information searches.
  • Research presentations: UMTRI-AF researchers have presented “State of the Industry” as well as specific project-related lectures to affiliate companies, providing them with AF’s research-based views of the current and future trends in the industry.


Affiliate Member Cost: OEMs: $10,000 annually; Suppliers/NGOs/Government: $7,500 annually


Current UMTRI-AF Affiliate Members and Research Partners


General Motors Corporation

Nissan North America Technical Center

Toyota North America Technical Center

Ford Motor Company









Dana Corporation


Denso International America Inc.

Dow Chemical



IBM Corporation

Johnson Controls

Michelin Automotive Industry Division

Oracle Corporation

Peterson Spring

TRW Automotive







Argonne National Labs

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

National Science Foundation

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Federal Motor Carrier

National Science Foundation

Federal Motor Carrier


Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)


ITS America


Union of Concerned Scientists


We look forward to hearing from you.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at 734-936-2704 or email me at  We trust your association with AF and the University of Michigan will continue to be a valuable one, and we look forward to working with you.